Legal piece of mind

Have professional legal counsel, always standing in your corner.

Hundreds of Uses

Here are just a few of the reasons why you’ll love having legal shield

You deserve the piece of mind of having legal representation at a reasonable price.

Estate Documents

Do you have an up to date will? Are you finances protected with a Durable Power of Attorney? Does your family know your wishes if you fall ill or are in an accident? Protect yourself and your family with a complete set of Estate Documents at no additional cost with this plan!

Audit Protection

IRS protection if you should be audited!

Save Money

Want to keep your car insurance rates from going up even if you get a speeding ticket? Let our attorneys represent you AT NO CHARGE on most moving traffic violations and help you save money on car insurance rates by keeping points off your record

Unlimited Consultations

Consult an attorney as often as needed on any personal legal issue without ever receiving a bill! Peace of mind to have access to vetted attorneys – covers ALL issues, not just your real estate transactions.

Real Estate

If you are a real estate investor, check out our small business plans – we can help you have less stress when renting, flipping, building, land with liability issues, etc.

ID theft protection

Protection on every front! Keep your name in good standing, your identity protected AND restoration by licensed private investigators if you are ever the victim of identity theft!

Affordable Legal Services

Worry less about legal matters, knowing you’re covered by legal professionals. We’re here to help guide your through tough legal issues so you can focus on what matters most.

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